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Midi Kids - Chocolate brownie bites 4 Bags

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Discover the ideal school-friendly snack for kids with Midi Kids Chocolate Brownie.

Kid-Approved Flavor: Our Midi Kids Chocolate Brownie is a delightful treat specially crafted to please young taste buds. It's a chocolatey brownie sensation that kids adore.

School-Friendly & 100% Nut-Free: These bites are the perfect addition to your child's school snacks. It's 100% nut-free, ensuring a safe and delicious option for kids with nut allergies.

Clean & Simple: Midi Bites maintains its commitment to clean, high-quality ingredients. These brownies contain no artificial additives or fillers, just pure, chocolaty goodness.

Vegan & Gluten-Free: These brownies are vegan-friendly. Non gmo verified and  gluten-free Certified, making them an inclusive snack choice for kids with various dietary preferences.

On-The-Go Adventure: Toss a pack  into your child's lunchbox or backpack. It's the ideal snack for school, picnics, or any on-the-go adventure.

Fun & Delicious: Midi Kids Chocolate Brownie offers a delightful and balanced indulgence that kids love. It's a tasty treat they'll eagerly look forward to.

Organic Sunflower seed Butter ( Organic Sunflower seed, Organic Hemp seed oil, salt ) Organic pea protein, Organic Gluten Free Oats, Organic Dates, Organic Chocolate chips ( Organic Cocoa Liquor, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic sugar cane), Organic cacao, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic chia seed, Organic flax seed, salt

Customer Reviews

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Susan V.
The rite size bites

I like the size , convenience and flavors of midi bites.

Most Common asked Questions

How are your Bites different?

Our Bites are made with a few simple, fresh ingredients. All of our Bites have zero preservatives and contain protein, fiber, and other dietary goodies to make our Bites a great snack.

Made with whole foods, free of gluten and soy, and made into convenient square shapes for everyone to safely enjoy.

Do your products contain gluten, soy, or nuts?

Our tasty Bites are Certified gluten-free and Gluten free, They are also Vegan and soy free. For those allergic to nuts, try our Chocolate Midi Bites for a delectable nut-free option.

Can I Freeze Midi Bites

You can absolutely pop your Bites into the freezer to keep them fresher longer! However, we do not recommend freezing your bites past the expiration date as the freezer can dry out or alter the flavor and/or freshness of the product.