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A snack that goes with you anywhere, anytime!

Whether you’re in between meetings, racing to get the kids to soccer practice or heading to the gym, Midi Bites are the perfect on-the-go snack for you! Our Bites are made with simple, natural ingredients that provide a healthy amount of nutrition for your daily needs. They help give you that extra energy boost to make it through your busy days! 

Do you ever take a minute to think about what snacks you reach for on busy days? We know that healthy eating often requires planning, yet when your tummy growls in the afternoon and you reach for a snack, it’s all about spontaneity (ever find yourself reaching for candy or chips?)  However, just like we plan for meals, being prepared for hunger to strike at snack time can lead to healthier choices! The result? We’ll feel more energized, avoid sugar crashes, and stay fuller, longer. 

This is where Midi Bites come in to play! We said no to filler ingredients that aren’t beneficial to your health, nor are they nutritious. We formulated our Bites with wholesome and clean ingredients that are packed with fiber and healthy fats! Our Bites will keep you fuller longer, making them a perfect snack for you and your family. See just what Midi Bites can do for you and try them in our three delicious flavors, chocolate, almond and peanut butter! 

Healthy snacking isn’t just snacking! It is actually beneficial physically, emotionally, and mentally! Physically it increases your energy levels, and improves your overall health. While emotionally, you ultimately look for joy in what snacks you choose, and if you’re doing it the right way, there is absolutely no wrong in it! And last, but certainly not least, mentally; healthy snacks improve concentration and increase memory! So with that being said, indulge with us and partake in healthy snacking! 

The best part about Midi Bites is that they can be enjoyed by the whole family! Because of their wholesome and fresh ingredients, Midi Bites can be a great afternoon snack for your kiddos during that daily transition from school to extracurriculars! They are also school friendly due to our nut free options as well, so your kiddo can enjoy them as a nutritious treat at lunch! 

While to maintain freshness, it’s suggested that Midi Bites be refrigerated, you can enjoy your Bites on the go for up to five days after being opened! To make your snacking experience even simpler, our packaging is made in an easy to use resealable bag. Midi Bites will go wherever you go! Midi Bites are always ready to give you the energy, and nutrients you need! 

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