Can Midi Bites be used as a meal replacement?

Our Bites are not to be used as meal replacements, but are great for a quick, healthy snack at work or school, post-workout, or to ease the bellies of your little ones until dinner is ready.

Are Midi Bites vegetarian?

Yes! All of our Midi Bites are both vegetarian and vegan.

Do your products contain gluten, soy, or nuts?

Our tasty Bites are gluten-free and soy-free. For those allergic to nuts, try our Chocolate Midi Bites for a delectable nut-free option.

Can I freeze Midi Bites?

You can absolutely pop your Bites into the freezer to keep them fresher longer! However, we do not recommend freezing your bites past the expiration date as the freezer can dry out or alter the flavor and/or freshness of the product.

How long are the Bites good for?

Midi Bites are good for four to six months when refrigerated or frozen. If you choose to leave your Bites unrefrigerated, our Bites are good for five days out of the refrigerator.

Why do my Bites need to be refrigerated?

Midi Bites contain zero preservatives! Just like you wouldn’t leave fresh strawberries out on the kitchen island, because they are made with fresh products, we highly recommend refrigerating your Bites to maintain optimal freshness. Leaving your Bites at room temperature may make the texture softer due to the natural oils. Bites can last up to five days out of the fridge.

How are your Bites different?

Our Bites are made with a few simple, fresh ingredients. All of our Bites have zero preservatives and contain protein, fiber, and other dietary goodies to make our Bites a great snack.

Made with whole foods, free of gluten and soy, and made into convenient square shapes for toddler safety, our Bites make a great alternative to other bars and snacks.

Do Midi Bites contain whole foods or superfoods?

Midi Bites were created by opening our fridge and pantry. We collected ingredients we had at home, tested different recipes, and came up with the product you are holding in your hands. We use whole foods and nothing else!

Each of our products incorporate these superfoods:

  • Organic oatmeal: rich in fiber, loaded with antioxidants, and helps you feel fuller longer
  • MCT oil: aids in healthy weight loss, brain function, and increases energy
  • Coconut oil: boosts fat burning, energy, and can help reduce infections

What is your return policy?

We love our products, but we love you even more! Your satisfaction as a customer is our number one priority. If for any reason, our Bites did not meet your standards, we will refund your order.

Do you ship domestically and internationally?

As of right now, we only ship domestically within the United States. But make sure to follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletters to stay up to date with any notifications!

Are Midi Bites safe for kids to eat?

Definitely. Midi Bites, and our sister company Mini Fresh, started because our founder wanted a healthy snack alternative for her toddler. We do recommend reading through our list of ingredients before feeding your child in case they have any food allergens.