About Us


'Pantry-created protein.'

What does this mean exactly?

Here at Midi Bites we focus on clean, and simple ingredients.

One day, we opened our pantry, pulled out this, and that, blended it together, and after months of trial batches and recipes, we created a product so fresh it belongs in the fridge. Free of preservatives, not 26-letter ingredients you can’t even pronounce!

Midi Bites are not only made of clean ingredients, but essential ones. Our products are all vegan-friendly, non-gmo, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Midi Bites are a nutritious snack for families on-the-go. Contrary in size to typical rectangular-shaped protein bars, or circular protein balls, our Midi Bites are cut into squares, making it easier for kids to hold, and safer to eat.

Midi Bites are always low in sugar/calories, and are great by itself, or savored alongside a fresh cup of coffee or glass of milk!


Majo Mansour, founder of Midi Bites, has always had a passion for healthy cooking. With her background in holistic nutrition, and being a certified child nutrition specialist. Majo took it upon herself, after her son was born, to create a healthy, preservative-free snack that could easily adapt to her family’s healthy and active lifestyle.

After experimenting with multiple recipes, flavors, and textures, Majo made batch after batch and asked the opinions of her surrounding community of mothers, gyms, and coffee shops to receive feedback on her creations. All of her determination paid off when Majo finally created Midi Bites—a product for kids and adults that is based on the simple idea of health, convenience, and taste.

Staying true to her health background, Majo incorporates wholefood ingredients in all of her bites, and honors her middle eastern heritage by highlighting unique flavors and seasonings in the products of her sister company, Mini-Fresh.