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Most productive grocery store trip and Organized Fridge

We normally stop by the grocery store and miss so many things on our list because either the list is not organized or your weekly cooking menu is not ready which is fine we don’t always have enough time for planning specially with how busy days are. 
The best was to start at the store is to pick couple of main things of every category:


Pick veggies that look very bright and deep colors, can be perfect for chopping for lunch , make into leftover salad, side dish for dinner.

chicken or meat can be done same way dinner and lunch for next day as wraps or tacos or over salad for adults 

fish or shrimps go great with pasta or by veggies and quinoa 

Best Snacks to grab:

Midi bites or Midi kids any flavor you can enjoy on the go or as a snack anytime of the day 

hummus and apples or veggies 

little bags of popcorn or hand full of nuts proportioned in little containers

2 squares of dark chocolate or 1/4 chocolate chips

fruit salad premade with lemon or orange squeezed  

Smoothies :

grab frozen fruits , chia seed , almond or oat milk , good plant based protein powder , cacao powder 


try to prevent going to the store hungry, don’t pass by the chips and chocolate isles specially if you have the little ones with you, many times you can gram the weekly deals for the offers on the fresh produce and meats and dairy. Although it’s always recommended to go for organic, sometimes it’s too expensive to buy only organic , one of the most fruits and vegetables that are recommended to opt for organic are the dirty dozen list that changes every year.

as mentioned above saving time and using same ingredients to recreate another meal saves so much time and pushed the whole house to eat cleaner!!

these are very simple tips and ideas but from personal experience of a busy mom they save me week after week!! 

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