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Ingredients That Count

We understand how difficult it can be to find healthy and convenient snacks that are made with good-for-you ingredients. That’s why here at Midi Bites, we pride ourselves in using whole food and natural ingredients in our products! We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about what’s inside your family’s favorite protein snacks, so we made sure our Bites are preservative free too! You deserve a guilt-free snack that has your health in mind, which is why our Midi Bites are made with organic ingredients that are non-gmo, vegan friendly, and free of gluten and dairy. We like to use plant-based protein in our Bites as well! It’s great for the environment, and good for you! Why not make less impact on this earth, in a small, but helpful step?

 Midi bites

Ingredients like flax, rolled oats, agave nectar, dried cranberries, coconut oil, hemp seeds, and chia seeds give our Midi Bites multiple nutritional benefits. Flax and rolled oats are known to be higher in protein, healthy fats, and lower in carbohydrates than most other whole grains. 

We also use a tad of organic Blue Agave nectar in all of our Bites which is an all natural, alternative sweetener. We love using Agave in our recipes because you only need a small amount to achieve that delicious taste, that is just right! Dried Cranberries are filled with antioxidants, which can benefit your metabolism, immune system and heart. Coconut oil is known for being a healthy fat, and helps provide  your brain & body with some natural energy! Hemp seeds & chia seeds are also known as natural fats, natural proteins & the perfect super food! 


Here at Midi Bites we said no to filler ingredients that aren’t beneficial to your health, nor are they nutritious. We formulated our Bites with wholesome and clean ingredients that are packed with fiber and healthy fats! Our Bites will keep you fuller longer, making them a perfect snack for you and your family. See just what Midi Bites can do for you and try them in our three delicious flavors, chocolate, almond and peanut butter! 


You may have heard that our wholesome and delicious protein bites need to be refrigerated. Why you may ask? At Midi Bites, we believe you deserve a high quality snack that you can trust, which is why our Bites are free from preservatives. We use clean and fresh ingredients like; organic gluten-free oatmeal, organic dates, organic cold pressed coconut oil, almonds, organic chia seeds, organic flaxseed, and organic coconut. Again, Midi Bites should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain ultimate freshness! They can last for up to four to six months when refrigerated and can last five days after they’ve been opened when not refrigerated. Savoring every bite? Save your Bites for later in our resealable packages! 


Not only are our Midi Bites amazing on their own, they taste great incorporated into your favorite recipes! Midi Bites can be enjoyed in a majority of different ways. Packed with nutrients, so they can be paired with your yogurt in the morning; and naturally sweet, so that they can be placed with your favorite ice cream before bedtime! Perfect for all of your little cravings⁣ (yum!) The recipe possibilities are truly endless. Head over to our Instagram @midibitesco for recipe inspiration and to share with us how you enjoy your Midi Bites! Happy Snacking!

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