5 years and Growing!! What makes our bites different? - Midi Bites

5 years and Growing!! What makes our bites different?

Midi bites were created out of passion and desire to create a snack that not only created from the highest quality sourced ingredients but also Organic, gluten free, vegan, soy free. A snack that is balanced, clean, nutritious and tasty. 
I searched everywhere and tasted a million bars but always came short with something, either too dry , too chalky, very chunky, full of nuts , has gluten, non vegan, size too big. 
So the idea was set, creating a tasty bite that has a full filing bite size snack that you can eat as many of as little and seal the back without letting the rest dry, Gluten free, vegan, preservative free that’s why they belong in a fridge, available in nut free options, Ingredients you can read and understand each one of them.

Midi kids were created as an extension of our bites, we looked and found that most kids bits are not nut free or made with highly processed ingredients so we tested and tested and came out with a bite that is 100% organic , nut free , high in protein , vegan, gluten free and most of all tastes like brownies and cookie dough!! 

our mission will always create the cleanest quality snack that you and everyone around you will love enjoy and satisfy!! 

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